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What is google search console and how to use it to increase website traffic in (2023)

What is Google Search Console and how to use it to increase website traffic in 2023

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What is Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console is a tool and a web service that is offered by Google and most importantly it is offered absolutely free of cost.  Untill May 2015 the service was called Google Webmaster Tools and now it is called Google Search Console or (GSC) shroter version. It is a tool or web service which allows webmaster to check indexing status, search queries, crawling errors and optimise visibility of websites.

Google Search Console is a powerfull tool and helps in several ways to identify the issues on the website, runs checks and fix them as well, so in short it is a must have tool every business website owner should use, but most of the time it is overlooked even though the true fact is it can deliver some amazing results if it is used properly.

Please find below some amazing benefits of Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is used to monitor site performance.

  • Google makes sure that they can access your content.
  • It helps in submitting new content for crawling system and remove the ones which you do not want to showcase anymore in search results.
  • It helps in maintaining your site performance, keeping you regularly posted the faults on the website and how to rectify them.
  • GSC monitors and resolves malware or spam issues, so that your website stays clean and fresh and can be properly optimised as well.
  • Google Search Console helps in submitting sitemaps.
  • With the URL inspections, live test on the websites url’s can be done and also a request can be made to the search engine for indexing the page.
  • It helps in identifying which links are targeting towards your website.
  • Google Search Console also triggers whether all the pages on your website is mobile friendly so that it can deliver quality user experience for mobile users.

Google Search Console is one of the most vauleable resources which is available for free and helps in generating good quality traffic towards the website. 

Even though it is a powerful system but it does not means that only using Google Search Console will generate traffic on the website, but it should be used along side with other digital marketing strategies and it can be a part of the winning team becuase it delivers amazing data for your website and your Digital Marketing Team should consider them very seriously.

You might be thinking how can a free tool deliver website visitors or traffic.

Let me tell you that Google Search Console is a data driven tool which captures in depth information about your website’s performance. Hence it is used to upgrade your websites content and other digital marketing startegies such as SEO, Marketing, Paid Advertising.

Google Search Console | SEO Agency London | London Digital Marketing Agency

Detailed explanation of Google Search Console usage.

As per the above image you can the see the left panel filled with options like Overview > Performance > URL inspection. Then comes Coverage > Sitemaps > Removals and many more.

Step by step I will take you through all the points and options and explain their benefits.

  • Overview: Give a report on how many clicks your website has generated and also gives provides the infomation on Coverage issues, enhancements and page experience as well. There are hyperlinks for open report once you click on them it takes you to in depth information
  • Performance: The performance tab is the most important tab on google search console as it records Total Clicks your website received, Total Impressions, Average CTR, Average Positions. 
  • Total Clicks: Total click is how many times a user clicked through your site. How this is counted depends on the search result type.
  • Total Impression: Total impression is how many times a user saw a link to your site in search results. This is calculated differently for images and other search result types, depending on whether or not the result was scrolled into view. 
  • Average CTR: Average CTR is the percentage of impressions that resulted in a click.
  • Average Position: It is the average position for the search result for your site.
  • URL Inspections: URL inspections helps in submitting web page url’s for doing a live test and for indexing.
  • Coverage: Coverage tab helps in identifying if any of the webpages are having any issues such as 404 errors or pages which are not getting indexed and also they can loss out on traffics, but Google Search Console do guide you on how to fix them. 
  • Sitemap: This tab helps in adding sitemaps for your business website, which is a major factor for indexing a website or its pages.
  • Removals: With the help of removals you can remove any web page which you do not want to showcase on search result pages.

After reading through the above article you might have understood how significant role does Google Search Console plays towards generating high qaulified and quality traffic twowards a website.

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