Best SEO Tools In 2023

Best SEO Tools In (2023)

6 Best SEO Tools In 2023

SEO also known as (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most important factor or process that helps a website to rank on the top SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages).

SEO plays a very vital role and it should be a “must do” included in your Digital Marketing Strategy. Nowadays we all want quick solutions and fast results for that reason paid ads or paid marketing is the best source. Return on investment happens pretty much immediate, but on the other side SEO takes time which provides a long lasting result.

In 2023, billions of search happens on Google every day and 95% of the search result that appears on the 1st page gets the click, very few is bothered to take a look on the 2nd page and so on…

Doing SEO on a website is the best way to be on that 1st page of the search engine. Google uses over 200+ factors to rank a web page on it SERP’s. On my previous post I have shared the Top 5 factors to consider to begin a good quality SEO, you can check that out. But that is not the end, there are more such important factors that you need to analyse on a website to help it rank better.

Today in this article I am going to share the list of Best SEO tools for web audit & creating SEO strategy in (2023).

1. Google Search Console :ย ย 

Google Search Console comes with a packed feature. It is a free resource from Google. If you are the site owner, first you need to add your website and get it verified. GSC (Google Search Console) helps a website to secure its rank on the SERP’s, beacuse it provides an in depth amount of information what your target audience is looking for. GSC helps you to submit your web url’s for indexing, you can also update sitemaps, you can check for any crawl errors and also you can check for how mobile friendly is your website. GSC has got an easy user friendly interface which also shares the complete overview of a website’s performance – a complete graph that shows search clicks for every single day. It also share the report on Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Avgerage CTR, Average Position. Furthermore it shares indepth report or stats on search queries, what sort of pages are generating traffic, from which country your website is getting viewed, which devices are getting most used to search your website, also it shares information on the search appearance as well.

2. Google Analytics :

Google Analytics helps to manage a website’s SEO if it is connected with the GSC (Google Search Console). Once it is connected you will have all the data of your website collected and combined in one single location and you can make audit on them to identify opportunites to work and improve on the keywords and keyphrases that you want your website to rank on Google search result pages.

3. Google Trends :

Google Trends is a great resource to use. It does not gives indepth information or stats on website performance, but you can use it for exploring ideas regarding keywords for your business industry and get an wide concept on what people are searching accordingly it helps to create a perfect keywords strategy for your website’s SEO.

4. Bing Webmaster :

Bing Webmaster is the one of the best resource provided by Microsoft that also plays a major role for SEO strategy on your website. Bing Webmaster is a free tool which provides some rich features to analyse your website, managing backlinks and provides information on keywords through which you can identify how well is your website optimised for search engines.

5. Ahrefs :

Ahrefs is one the best paid version SEO tool that you can rely on for creating the best SEO strategy for your website. With this tool you can run a complete scan or audit on your website and it generates information over keywords, links and content strategy. It provides an indepth information on your webpages and it can guide you to understand, how you can make it much better. It also shares information on how other web pages performs on high targeted keywords in your business industry. You can get indepth information on keywords search volume, competition and click through rates. A great resource to use for creating a perfect SEO strategy.

6. Semrush :

Semrush is an award winning tool trusted by worlds leading companies. As per 2023 almost 10M+ marketing professionals uses semrush. It received 21 international awards so far and almost 30% of the fortune 500 companies do use semrush for their day to day SEO. It is one of the best SEO tool or SEO software suite that you can use to create a stunning SEO strategy for your website. It shares in depth information on keywords, backlinks, what sort of content to create that ranks, you can research on your competitors marketing strategies and tactics with which can develop a better one to outrank them.

Conclusion :ย 

Above is the list of Top 6 SEO tools that you can use for your business website’s SEO in 2023. Some of them are free resources while some are paid. If you click on individual name of the brand it will redirect you to that platform and have a self assesment, before making any decisions to purchase, moreover all the paid software listed above offers a free trial as well.

In this article we are not trying to sell anyones subscription. Honestly we do not get paid from them. I just wanted to share the good to know information about the tools and software those are best and available in 2023 for SEO. We Aask Digital is a Startup ๐Ÿ† Award-Winning Digital Marketing & SEO Agency for Small & Medium Businessย and have delivered some excellent results for our clients with SEO solutions and services and have ranked their websites on Top Google SERP’s and generating stunning organic traffic month on month. During the work process we use this tools and softwares and have found them pretty amazing.

Thanks for your time on reading this article, if you liked this and found some thing important & interesting please like, share and comment.

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