5 Best Longtail Keyword Generator Tool For Website In 2023

5 Best Longtail Keyword Generator Tool For Website In 2023

5 Best Longtail Keyword Generator Tool for Website in 2023

There are lots of keyword generator tool nowadays available online. Some of them works really well and some makes life very hard to decide on which keyword to work on. Hence in this particular blog post we are going to discuss about the 5 best longtail keyword generator tool for website which can be used in 2023.

What is a Longtail Keyword?

Longtail keywords are specific search queries which have low search volumes. They can consist of 3-5 or even 10 words. As they have a low search volume and less popular it makes easier for a new website to rank with longtail keywords.



Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is absolutely free to use. Generally it is developed for advertisers, but still it can be used to find longtail keywords. In order to use it you need to click on “discover new keywords” then enter the topic as a keyword. 

Filter the results by average monthly search from low to high. Keywords with a monthly search volume from 10 to 100 or less are generaly longtails.



2. Google Autosuggest / Autocomplete

Google Autosuggest - Autocomplete

Google Autosuggest or Autocomplete is a Google Search Feature that generates search term predictions. It is a feature within Google Search that makes it easier and faster to complete searches which you start typing…. 

The advanced developed automated systems generates predictions that will help you save time as it quickly complete the search query which you generaly intend to do. 

Google autosuggest or autocomplete is a great resource for longtail keyword ideas.


Ahref Keyword Explorer

Ahref’s Keyword Explorer is a keyword research tool that operates on billions of keywords database. The best way to use the tool is search for the business industry defining word or phrase. Navigate to the matching terms report.

Filter for keyword with a monthly search volume upto 300.

Fliter for keywords with a Traffic Potential (TP) upto 300. Traffic Potential filters out long-tail keywords where the current top-ranking page gets lots of search traffic.


Ahrefs Site Explorer is a competitive research tool and one of its primary feature is to showcase the keywords your business competitors rank for. It is a perfect tool to perform reverse engineering. 

The best way to use it to find your competitors longtail keywords list. Simply enter the domain of the website. Navigate to Organic Keywords report. 

Filter for keywords that ranks in position 1 to 10.

Filter for keywords with a monthly search volume upto 300.



Quora is one of the largest and most popular online questions and answers platform. It allows users to ask and answers questions on any topic. It is a great resource which is available online for free to generate longtail keyword ideas that you havent throught of your own. 


Not all time longtail keywords are easy to rank for. There are several examples where a longtail keyword has got a high competition. The above tools which we have informed will certainly help you to figure out the best combination of longtail keywords which might help your new website to rank higher on search result pages. 

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